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Housing Needs Assessment Seeks Mid-Valley Responses
August 25, 2016

The Housing Authority seeks more mid-valley region (Almont, Jack's Cabin, CB South) responses to the housing needs assessment. This information will be used to build baseline data in order to plan for future housing needs in Gunnison County.

The survey can be taken by clicking here.



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WSCU Receives Scholarship Money
August 24, 2016

Western State Colorado University, in partnership with local counties and the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, received a check last Friday that will feed into scholarships for students in Gunnison County and neighboring counties.

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West Elk Word: Health & Human Services - Joni Reynolds
August 23, 2016

Joni Reynolds, director of Health and Human Services for Gunnison and Hindsdale Counties, joins us for a two-part discussion on poverty in our valley.

In part one, we explore the struggles many face in a seasonal, transient service economy. Joni shares her background as well, and her delight in reconnecting with the reasons she chose her profession in the first place, now that she's moved to her "heart home."

In part two of this conversation, we discuss topics including SNAP, immunizations, hard times, mental health, and more.

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No Moratorium On New Short-Term Rentals in CB
August 16, 2016

The Crested Butte Town Council did not make a motion, and the ordinance died at Monday night's meeting against the recommendations of town staff.  Click the "play" button below to hear the entire story.

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CB Adopts Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance
August 15, 2016

It's town-wide, and businesses have 2 years to phase in the program.  Listen to the whole story by clicking the "play" button below.
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Vinotok Organizers Hear Positive Feedback
August 15, 2016

The Vinotok special events application will go before Town Council at the next meeting in a public hearing where public comment will be taken.

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Rain Barrels, Gray Water & Water Conservation
August 15, 2016

Rain barrels are now legal in Colorado after several years of debate and opposition from those concerned about possible impacts on downstream water users. Now conservationists are eyeing them and other water capture tools as a way to stretch the state’s overburdened supply.  (Photo: KGNU, Boulder)

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Photographer Interview: Nathan Bilow & Denise Hawk
August 15, 2016

Their exhibit "Havana Hoy" opens Wednesday, August 17th, at the Piper Galley in the Center For The Arts in Crested Butte.

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Gunsight Connector Temporarily Closed For Ranching
August 15, 2016

The closure will last approximately a month.  Stay tuned to KBUT for information on the re-opening.

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Sports Barrel - August 10, 2016
August 10, 2016

Softball regular season wraps up, early softball playoff results, Pinnacle Bike Race Series final champions, and a preview of Crested Butte Olympian Emma Coburn's Rio schedule. At the end, Than turns his attention to his sandwich.

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Wave Of Graffiti Vandalism Hits CB
August 8, 2016

Public and private property has been "tagged" in the past few weeks, and the Crested Butte Marshal's Department says they are over it.

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Housing Issues & Problems Focus of Housing Survey / Needs Assessment
August 3, 2016

The Gunnison Valley, like other mountain communities, is experiencing major housing problems for its workforce.  Issues arising from short-term rentals, conversions of rental spaces into second homes, rising rental and construction costs, and the attainability of housing in our market are some examples of data the Housing Needs Assessment aims to collect.

Take the survey by clicking here.  

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Possible Moratorium On New Short-Term Rental Licenses In Crested Butte
August 2, 2016

Town staff presented a committee's recommendation Tuesday night's Town Council meeting. The recommendation says to place a temporary moratorium on new business licenses for short-term rental properties to allow the council and staff to work on the divisive issue. One councilor expressed concerns about members of the council holding short-term licenses.

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Bag Ban Ordinance Tweaked
August 2, 2016

The fee charged by retailers for the distribution of a paper bag was removed, and there will be required 4"x6" signage at checkout. The ordinance will be put to a public hearing on August 15th.

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High School Student Sought For Gunnison Parks & Rec Board
August 2, 2016

An advisory board was created as part of Gunnison Parks & Recreation's Master Plan. Six of seven seats have been filled on the board. The final seat is reserved for a high school student.

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Happy Colorado Day!
August 1, 2016

Take a listen, and learn some cool and interesting factoids about the Centennial State.

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Met-Rec Seeks Over-The-Air TV Usage Info
July 29, 2016

Free television is available to most of the county through external antennae or "bunny ears." The organization that provides this service, the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District, wants to know how much its service is being used so it can plan for now and the future.

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DNC Check-In From Joseph Thomas, Gunnison County Delegate
July 28, 2016

Thomas says the first feeling of unity among Colorado delegates was inspired by Barack Obama's speech Wednesday night.

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County's 1st DNC Delegate in 30 Years: WSCU Student Joey Thomas
July 27, 2016

He worked his way through the delegation ranks to represent Colorado and Gunnison County at the DNC. 24-year-old Joey Thomas is a geology student at Western State.  Thomas says the experience is amazing, the convention is contentious, and that, of course, he had a Philly cheesesteak.  

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BOZAR Takes Public Comment on New Center For the Arts Building
July 25, 2016

Criticisms include issues with parking and traffic flow, an imbalance of visual to performing arts space, the overall size of the building, and about only adding 50 new seats to the theatre. However, most of the public comment was positive and encouraged BOZAR to let the design committee work on the next steps (such as color and materials) before going in front of the board again in August for final approval, denial, or continuation.  Click the orange "PLAY" button below to hear the story.

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