KBUT Annual Membership Meeting – 2021

KBUT’s Annual Membership Meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, January 13th at 5:30pm. Click Here to join the meeting

Four seats on our Board of Directors are up for election, and eight candidates are presented below. All current KBUT members are welcome and encouraged to vote. Candidates are presented in random order.

A link to the online election survey follows the candidates’ statements.
Polls will close at 4pm on Wednesday, January 13th.

Candidate Statements:


KBUT is absolutely my favorite radio station of all time and I have been a loyal listener for 20 years.  Some of my favorite shows are Cold Frosty Morning, Luigi’s Blues Review, The Lonesome Bob Show and Certain Sort of Sound.  I also love the local news from Christopher and Tales of Gunnison Country.  Annual Fish Fry = Yum!  Finally, All Things Considered is essential (unbiased) news and critical in this day in age.
I have been a part time resident since 2003 and full-time since 2017.  Crested Butte is the best place on earth.  I love the local flavor and participate / volunteer for events such as the Chainless Downhill Worlds, Alley Loop, AJ and Vinotok.  My passions include music (“play” the mandolin, but not like Lizzy!), mountain biking, backcountry skiing, Nordic skiing and hiking.
Following is a brief summary of my professional background during the last 15 years:
·        Director of Finance, HR and IT for the Town of Crested Butte.  I left Corporate America to live, work, play and volunteer in Crested Butte full time.
·        Senior Vice President and Head of National Sales and Business Development for Vantiv / Worldpay (Fortune 500 company)
·        Chief Financial Officer for Vantiv’s Financial Institution Division
·        CFO for Western Union – The America’s ($2.0 billion business)
·        CFO for Western Union – Europe and CIS ($1.5 billion business) – living in Vienna, Austria
·        CFO for Western Union – Asia Pacific ($0.5 billion business) – living in Hong Kong
Education includes an MBA from the University of North Carolina (nationally ranked top-20 program)
Grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
Thank you for the opportunity.


I believe I am a qualified and worthy candidate due to my extensive on-air tenure, special events/ creative development and staff oversight experience and generally extensive knowledge of local geography and lore. Additionally, my 5,000 + documentable hours of working for various local non profits- Adaptive Sports (multinationally), Wildflower Festival, CB Mountain Heritage museum, Gunnison Valley Mentors, and KBUT, I have always had a curiosity for board service. Thank you for your consideration!


I think I would be a good fit for the KBUT Board of Directors for several reasons. I have lived in the Gunnison Valley for twenty-five years during which time I have been a business owner, a sales manager, an account executive for a broad-line food distributor, a chef, a musician, and a KBUT dj. My wife Briony and I moved here in 1995 for the same things a lot of people come here; quality of life, skiing, connection to the natural environment, and to raise our family in an amazing place with a very strong sense of community. I believe in diversity and inclusion and I am proud to be associated with KBUT. I also believe in the healing power of music and volunteer driven community radio! Thank you for your consideration.


I discovered public radio in the early 1980s in southwest Kansas: KANZ. Like KBUT, KANZ was a small,  friendly, and powerful station. I was privileged to become an underwriter and support local  programming. When I was transferred to Denver, I joined KUNC. My significant-other and I have been visiting Crested Butte every year for about 20 years. We bought a home in CB South in 2011 and are gradually converting from second-home owners to first-home owners. We are both recently retired. I was delighted to discover KBUT when we moved into this wonderful neighborhood. [Dave Colucci is our neighbor!]  With a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, I have devoted my career to protecting and  improving the environment. I believe in finding and implementing science-based solutions to complex environmental problems. But that can’t succeed without an informed and educated community. I believe public radio is one of the most important strategies for community communication. KBUT is in a great position to make a big positive contribution. I would be honored to participate by joining the Board of Directors 


My Name is Priscila and I have been in the valley for 22 years.  I think I would be a good addition to the board for the following reasons:
I love music and what KBUT represents to the community of the Gunnison Valley.
I am an avid KBUT supporter and volunteer
I fundraise for KBUT often with great success
I am involved with several events and have a great understanding as how they are structured as well as its décor, myself being a designer
I have owned a successful business in Crested Butte for 20 years and I understand budget, logistics and how to make money.
I would love to use my skills to continue supporting KBUT on a deeper level on the Board of the Directors.
Sincerely, the Queen of Soul.  


Moved to the Valley from Wisconsin in 1997 to work at the Crested Butte Academy as an Alpine ski coach.  Since then I’ve served on several non-profit boards; CB Nordic Center (2005-2011), Gunnison Nordic (2018 – Present).  Currently I’m employed by & own the I Bar Ranch & Midwest Leasing Inc. Additionally, I was one of three founders of High Alpine Brewing Company.
I’m married to Jennifer Michel (Head Cross County and Track & Field Coach at Western CO Univ.) and have two daughters; Eliza (7) & Gianna (10).  I enjoy taking KBUT with me where ever I go!


When I first moved to Crested Butte I became involved with KBUT.  It felt like my high school dreams from the film “Pump Up The Volume”.  Ever since that first beat dropped, I have been volunteering however I can, mostly with events & fill in radio shows.  Over the last four years it has been my pleasure to have served on the KBUT board of directors.  Adding my voice to the discussions of “what’s next” for us & the community has been very rewarding.  Especially in these tumultuous times when we are torn from our routines it is more important than ever to have a strong center for our community.  A place where we can find our news, our neighbors, our tunes, & even a place where we can dance in our living rooms & livestream it across the street or around the globe.  If selected, I would be honored to continue my position on the KBUT Board of Directors.
Kyle Ryan  -AKA Squirl


I have been a volunteer DJ for over five years, participated in over ten pledge drives on air and on the phones, and I have volunteered for many KBUT fundraising events. I love our radio station, and I feel our programming is integral to the health of our community especially during these unprecedented times. As a business owner, I have learned how important it is to listen. I have learned how to keep my ears open, ask questions, chase what I want to know, and stay organized. Most importantly I learned to make it my business to create a positive work environment. I am confident in taking the next step to expand my leadership skills and involvement with our great organization. Among these are the reasons why I feel like I am an excellent candidate for the KBUT Board of Directors.

Click Here for the online election survey

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