With snow on the ground and more in the forecast, we’re headed into the backcountry for this episode.  Our guest is Ian Havlick, a forecaster and outreach coordinator for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center.

We also get an update on COVID19 in Gunnison County and talk to County Commissioner Roland Mason about the new winter trailhead at Kebler Pass.

Listen to the full episode here.

Pt. 1: An update on COVID19

Gunnison County is seeing a resurgence in COVID19 with more than thirty new cases in the month of October. Andrew Sandstrom is a public information officer with the County. He joined us to talk about the current rates of transmission, as well as possible changes to public health orders in the near future. 

Pt. 2: Ian Havlick with the Crested Butte Avalanche Center

Sales of backcountry ski gear are sky-rocketing, and avalanche safety courses are filling up faster than ever before. With its unparalleled access to backcountry skiing, Crested Butte is surely going to be a top destination for skiers and riders looking to spend time away from crowded resorts that are now requiring reservations to hit the slopes. 

We talk with Havlick about how CBAC is preparing for the anticipated new wave of backcountry users headed to Crested Butte, as well as recent litigation against two snowboarders that set off an avalanche last season, knowingly causing damage to some infrastructure.

Pt. 3: County Commissioner Roland Mason joins the conversation

County Commissioner Roland Mason joins the conversation, sharing his concern about the kinds of new backcountry users headed to Crested Butte, and the importance of communicating with that population about local hazards. 

The winter trailhead for Kebler pass is crowded. With more people living in the remote community of Irwin, and more users accessing this beautiful corridor, parking has become a problem. Mason coordinated with the US Forest Service and other stakeholders to come up with a unique solution.

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