This episode of Community Matters was broadcast on Monday, August 8th, 2022. We discussed two topics of sustainability. Our guests included Crested Butte Town Council Member Jason MacMillan, Crested Butte Town Planner Mel Yemma, Sustainable Crested Butte Vice President Amy Newfield, and KBUT Reporter Kate Gienapp.

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Part One: Recycling in the Gunnison Valley.

It’s hard to recycle in the Gunnison Valley and reporter Kate Geinapp explores why. We also talk with Sustainable Crested Butte Vice President Amy Newfield about her organization’s “recycle trains,” and the search for a new facility.

Listen to Part One here!

Part Two: Crested Buttes to block natural gas connections on new development.

The Town Council of Crested Butte recently voted to prohibit the use of natural gas in new development, excluding commercial kitchens. Council Member Jason MacMillan was a big proponent of the move. Town Planner Mel Yemma says it’s cost-effective and will help the Town reach its Climate Action Plan Goals.

Read the Tow Staff Report here.

Listen to Part Two here!
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