KBUT’s Community Matters airs live every other Monday. The show is hosted by KBUT News Director Christopher Biddle, and veteran Gunnison County journalist Chris Rourke.

On this episode…

Evelyn Lim is the Director of Policy and Research at the American Cornerstone Institute. Peter LiFari is the Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners. 

They are both 2021 Terry J. Stevinson Fellows at the Common Sense Institute, and authored the report “From Conflict to Compassion: A Colorado Housing Development Blueprint For Transformational Change”

Scott Franz is Capitol Coverage reporter for KBUT and Rocky Mountain Community Radio. When not covering the Statehouse, Scott gets out to report on communities in Colorado facing big challenges.

For example, the housing crisis in Steamboat Springs has gotten so bad, that the City Council wants to halt the issuing of short term rental licenses. (Sound familiar?)

He also went to Grand Lake, where the community is still dealing with the trauma, and the stress of rebuilding following a wildfire.

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Pt 1A: Blueprint to Housing Solutions:

We lay the groundwork for our conversation by talking about the Common Sense Institute and Terry J. Stevinson Fellowship. We dig into how the authors conducted their research. We also try to get their takes on short-term-rental moratoriums, which several Colorado communities are considering.

Pt. 1B: Blueprint to Housing Solutions

We dig into eight solutions put forth by the author, including new ideas about where to develop housing, new ways to find affordable housing projects, and new attitudes about growth. We also ask, will one standard zoning code for the entire state actually work? How else can expedite the building process? And others..

Pt. 2a: Feature reporter Scott Franz

A Mountain Town’s Vacation Rental Pause Sparks Debate Between Residents And Businesses listen to or read Scott’s story here, and hear our conversation below.

Pt. 2b: Feature reporter Scott Franz

An Exhibit Revisiting Grand Lake’s Darkest Day Is Helping Residents Recover From It – – listen to or read Scott’s story here, and hear our conversation below.

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