This show was originally broadcast live on KBUT, Monday Nov. 19. It was co-hosted by Christopher Biddle and Chris Rourke. The guests were Scott Morrill, Gunnison County Emergency Manager; and Kevin Blecha, a biologist and mountain lion expert with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  

Listen to the full episode here.

Part 1. Scott Morrill

Scott Morrill is Gunnison County’s Emergency Manager. Not only has he helped to guide the community through the pandemic, he’s also had to deal with frequent communications outages, a freak September snowstorm, and ever increasing threat of wildfires. 


Scott Morrill Pt. 1

The role of an emergency manager, structure and purpose of the County's Covid19 response team, and what makes the local healthcare system unique.

Scott Morrill Pt. 2

On top of covid19, Morrill has helped tguide the County through major communications outtages, a freak winterstorm in September, and the ever-increasing threat posed by wildfires.

Scott Morrill Pt. 3

Covid19 is spreading faster than ever in Gunnison County. Morrill gives an update and talks about the difficulties of governing for the safety of the community.

Part 2. Kevin Blecha

Kevin Blech of Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Mountain Lions

Mountain lion sightings are up in the Gunnison Valley, including some that concern officials. Find out what they're up to, and how to keep yourself safe.

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