Map: This map from Gunnison County HHS shows the prevalence of COVID-19 in specific areas in the Gunnison Valley.

Listen to a recording of KBUT’s Live Q & A with Local Officials from Monday, March 23. The show was hosted by Christopher Biddle and all guests joined the conversation via teleconference. The panel for this session included:

  • Jonathon Houck, Chairperson of the Gunnison Board of County Commissioners
  • Joni Reynolds, director of Health and Human Services for Gunnison County
  • Kimberly Behouneck, director of the Center for Mental Health in Gunnison
  • Chris Rourke, Editor of The Gunnison Country Times
  • Mark Reamon, Editor of The Crested Butte News.

Go to our Soundcloud page to download the file and listen whenever. 

We wish to continue bringing these live Q & A’s with local officials as our community copes with the fallout of the COVID-19 disease. Please be patient with us as we determine the best way to bring you this service. Please, send any questions, comments, feedback, or anything else to

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