Voter Turnout

  • There were 5,895 ballots cast out of 13,317 (44.27%) registered voters in Gunnison County.
  • 95% of ballots were counted as of Wednesday morning.

Ballot Initiatives

  • Ballot Initiative 6A to help fund Gunnison County Libraries passed with 3,304 votes, or 56.4%.
  • Ballot Initiative 2B, a tax on nicotine in the Town of Crested Butte, passed with 480 votes, or 66.2%.
  • Ballot Initiative 2A, a tax on short term rentals in the Town of Mt. Crested Butte, passed with 228 votes, or 68%.

Crested Butte Town Council and Mayor

  • Will Dujardin, Mallika Magner, and Monique “Mona” Merrill will each serve four year terms.
  • Candace Bradley and Laura Mitchell will serve two year terms.
  • Jim “Deli” Schmidt ran unopposed for Mayor.

Statewide Elections

Gunnison City Council

  • Malory Logan and Diego Plata will serve four year terms.
  • Boe Freeburn will serve a two year term.

All results are unofficial until approved by the Secretary of State. Get full, up to date results here. Thanks to the Crested Butte News for help reporting on this story.

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