KBUT’s Community Matters airs live every other Monday. The show is hosted by KBUT News Director Christopher Biddle, and veteran Gunnison County journalist Chris Rourke.

Our guests for Monday, January 25th included Gunnison County Public Health Director Reynolds, High Country News reporter Nick Bowlin, and Ian Havlick of the Crested Butte Avalanche Center. 

We also spoke with two members of the Crested Butte community that have suffered long term affects of COVID-19. Join us for a powerful interview with COVID19 survivors Jay Prentiss and Rob Carney.

Due to some technical difficulties, we were unable to capture the radio quality version of this episode. We were, however, able to capture audio through our virtual conference, and have provided that audio here. We’re sorry for this drop in quality. We’ve made steps to ensure this never happens again. Thanks for listening – Christopher Biddle, KBUT News Director.

Pt. 1: Gunnison County Health and Human Services Director Joni Reynolds

Gunnison County recently recorded the highest case rate incidence among 100 thousand people that health officials have seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Reynolds also talks about the vaccine rollout on a local scale.

Pt. 2: Nick Bowlin of High Country News

Nick Bowlin’s article “When COVID hit, a Colorado county kicked out second-home owners. They hit back.” documented the rise of a political action committee in Gunnison County that sought to represent non-resident homeowners. Hear what drew Bowlin into the story, and how it fits into the political universe of the United States. 

Pt. 3: Ian Havlick of the Crested Butte Avalanche Center

A message from our friends at the Crested Butte Avalanche Center. They’ll be back live on the next show!

Pt. 3a: Covid19 Long Haulers Jay Prentiss and Rob Carney

Community Matters began in response to COVID19 impacting the Gunnison Valley. While we hosted our first shows, these two Crested Butte residents were fighting for their lives. We’re very grateful to have had them on the show. Hear about their struggles, both mental and physical, and learn what it’s like to face mortality.

Pt. 3b: Covid19 Long Haulers Jay Prentiss and Rob Carney

The second half of our conversation with long-hauler COVID19 survivors and Crested Butte community members Rob Carney and Jay Prentiss.

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