KBUT’s Community Matters airs live every other Monday. The show is hosted by KBUT News Director Christopher Biddle, and veteran Gunnison County journalist Chris Rourke.

This week we sat down with Jennifer Kermode and Willa Williford to talk about affordable housing, and how to solve the current crisis. 

Jennifer Kermode is the Director of the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority. Willa Williford is a housing consultant and the author of the Gunnison Valley Housing Needs Assessment. 

We also spoke with Glen Sachet, a public information officer with the US Forest Service for an update on wildfire conditions.

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Pt. 1: The Basics, and More

What happened to get us here? What are our options, and what are people doing? We discuss Crested Butte’s move to limit short-term rentals, funding sources, and government subsidies.

Pt. 2: Finding the Way

What gets in the way of affordable housing? What do we need and how do we get it? We talk about zoning, deed restrictions, and more ideas about design and manufacturing.

Pt. 3: The Conversation Doesn’t End Here.

How do we succeed? What’s the best path forward? We talk about tourism marketing, and whether the county should be spending more on housing instead.  And what about the private sector? All we know is that the conversation continues. We look forward to having both our guests back soon!

PLUS! An update on wildfire conditions.

The last time Community Matters spoke to wildfire officials, things were seemingly dire. Since then, it hasn’t stopped raining. That’s tempered wildfire danger, but has done little to affect the region’s drought conditions.

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