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Our guests this week were…

Megan Stackhouse and Tom Renwick are meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Grand Junction. They talk about the historic heatwave last week and the short term forecast. They also talk about how weather  patterns change over time. Plus safety tips, and ways to learn more about the weather!

Jim Ramirez is a fire management officer with the US Forest Service GMUG office. Rob Weisbaum is operations chief for the Crested Butte Fire Protection District. They share what their departments are doing to prepare for what many fear could be a long and hard season. 

Finally, Scott Morrill, Emergency Management Director for Gunnison County joins the panel. He talks about evacuation plans, safety tips, and the likelihood of a major fire in Gunnison County. We also talk about resources for the public and ways for YOU to stay safe and protect the community.

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Pt. 1: Meteorologists talk record heat, weather trends.

It’s hot, but how hot? What does that mean about the rest of the summer? Are these long term trends? How hot is too hot? How do we stay safe from heat exhaustion? How can I learn more about the weather?

Pt. 2: Fire managers concerned but prepared.

Last season was, without a doubt, the worst wildfire season in Colorado in a long time, maybe ever. What’s changed? Is there a new policy for suppression? What about funding? Resources? 

Pt. 3: What YOU need to know to stay safe.

What’s the worst scenario, and how is it prevented from happening? How do I protect my community, my property, and myself? What’s the evacuation plan, and what should I do to be ready?

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