KBUT’s Community Matters presents three interviews on three ballot initiatives going before Colorado voters in November. We’re looking at attempts to strengthen Colorado’s taxpayer bill of rights, cut income taxes, and re-introduce gray wolves to Colorado’s wild.

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John Caldera on Community Matters Pt.1

Interview by Chris Rourke

John Caldera on Community Matters Pt 2

Interview by Chris Rourke

John Caldera is the Director of the Independence Institute, a Denver based right-wing think tank that is advocating for Proposition 116, which would cut income taxes by less than a tenth of one percent. He was interviewed by Chris Rourke.

Michael Fields on Community Matters

Interview by Christopher Biddle

Michael Fields is the Director of Colorado Rising Action Fund, a group that wants to bolster certain aspects of Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Propposition 117 would require lawmakers to get voter approval before establishing an enterprising worth $100 or more.

Rob Edward on Community Matters

Interview by Christopher Biddle

Rob Edward is the President of Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund, who say voters should vote yes on wolf reintroduction on Colorado’s Western Slope. The topic has long divided groups of land managers in the West, usually pitting ranchers and hunters against environmentalists.

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