The fight against COVID19 in the Gunnison Valley crossed a major milestone this week, with a massive effort underway to test as many in the community as possible, more developments are on the horizon.

KBUT News Director Christopher Biddle joined other members of the press for a tour of the facility at the Fred Field Center, where the vaccine is being given, and brief press conference with the first three patients.

Listen to a roundup here.
Public health officials prepare for the first doses of the COVID19 Vaccine. Credit: Christopher Biddle
The Fred Field Center in Gunnison will be used to vaccinate the general public when enough of the vaccine is available. Officials hope to iron out the kinks in the first closed pods of vaccine patients. Credit: Christopher Biddle
Gunnison County Emergency Manager Scott Morrill adjusts air ventilators set up at the Fred Field Center. Credit: Christopher Biddle.
Gunnison County Health and Human Services Director Joni Reynolds (L) and COVID9 Incident Commander CJ Malcom tour the scene at the Fred Field Center. Credit: Christopher Biddle.
Dr. Shay Kreir, Cheif of Emergency Medicine, recives the first vaccine given out in Gunnison County. Public Health Director Joni Reynolds administered the dose. Credit: Christopher Biddle
Lucy Hutchins, a resident at the Gunnison Valley Health Senior Care Center, presents her arm for the vaccine to be administered. Credit: Christopher Biddle.
Lucy Hutchins flashes a thumbs up to the press after being given the vaccine. Credit: Christopher Biddle.
(From R to L:) Lucy Hutchins, Lauren Gibans, and Dr. Shay Kreir were the frist three peoplegiven the COVID19 vaccine in Gunnison County. Hutchins is a resident at the Senior Care Center. Gibans works there, and is married to Kreir, who was recently recognized as the top emergency medicine physician in Colorado.

Gunnison County received 300 doses of the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine. Health officials are anticipating up to 600 doses of the forthcoming vaccine from Moderna. Between the two batches, they hope to vaccinate all healthcare workers in Gunnison County.

Cars wait in line at the free community testing event put on by the Colorado Department of Health. Credit: Christopher Biddle
Cars began lining up by the hundreds before the mobile testing site opened Thursday morning. Credit: Christopher Biddle
The landing strip at the Buckhorn Airport served as a temporary que for Gunnison County residents looking to get a free COVID19 test. Credit: Christopher Biddle
Health workers braved chilly winter winds and sub freezing temperatures at the Buckhorn Airport on Thursday. Credit: Christopher Biddle.
The mobile testing site will move to the Fred Field Center in Gunnison on Friday and will be open from 7am to 5pm. Credit: Christopher Biddle
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