By: Dale Strode / The Colorado Sun

Photo: Team Prep USA coach and founder Trent Sanderson right, offers encouragement and advice to runners as they pass the Gronk, a relic of Crested Butte’s mining days, on Peanut Lake Road. Credit: Dean Krakel / The Colorado Sun

Katelynne Hart, the country’s fastest high school distance runner, is giddily shivering in icy Coal Creek in the middle of this mountain community’s historic downtown.

Hart, along with her best-in-the-U.S. teammates, has just finished a morning run at 8,900 feet and a complicated series of stretches and exercises at Team Prep USA’s renowned summer running camp.

At 8,900 feet sits Team Prep USA’s renowned summer running camp. “If they can tolerate things other people are unwilling to tolerate, they’re going to live a beautiful life,” one coach says.

“I think the biggest thing about this camp is we all have the same values, common goals,” said Hart, of Chicago. “We all really want to be great runners — that makes us bond. We push each other to be better, and we’re good friends — that combination is what makes this camp.”

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