Here’s plans for the Big Mine Skatepark in the Town of Crested Butte.

Crested Butte Town Council last week approved naming a portion of the new skate park at Big Mine Park after local skater Levi Parr.

Parr passed away last summer in an e-bike accident in Crested Butte South. His parents owned The Air Up There, a skate shop on Elk Avenue, and Parr quickly became an instrumental part of the Crested Butte skate community.

Town Hall was packed with community members who shared memories, tears, and overwhelming support for memorializing Parr in the new park.

Levi’s, mom, and pop first of all, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page here and we’re here to talk about memorializing Levi and his legacy and his impact on the skateboarding community. And how he lived his 1004 days on this earth and not how he died or the circumstances surrounding his death. Levi’s father, Jacob and I opened the first skate shop here in Crested Butte there there, which opened around same time as Craig’s tank did. And so as far as the history of skateboarding and Crested Butte, we feel like we are definitely a part of that. And consequently, Levi, he was born three years later and was immediately immersed in the skateboarding community. His passion and ethical responsibility for that part grew over the years as well as his talent with the skateboard. Over time, he became a role model for other skaters and always encourage kindness and patience and most importantly, happiness, the integrity of the sport, and specifically his home state park in Crested Butte was extremely important to him. He was at that park as much as humanly possible for over two decades from sunup till sundown, and you celebrated more than half of his birthdays at that park.

That’s Teresa Zeiter speaking about memorializing her son’s legacy in the community.

Council member Anna Fenerty also spoke of Parr’s impact on the town.

Levi help the culture of the seat base skatepark grow into what it is today. His name is echoed throughout the town during the town hall meeting during the expansion.  So Levi is just embedded in the skate community and that’s why we’re here.  It’s for his impact on the skate community and skate park.  For the future generations to come up through that, and that’s the focus of what we want here like the ledge, and the renaming.  And that’s a wonderful opportunity that happens to just be present at the perfect time.

Following discussion council approved naming a ledge feature in the park after Parr, and agreed revisit naming the entire park in his honor at a later date.

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