The 2020 election will be historic for any number of reasons. As the national debate rages onward, what do you need to know about voting here in Gunnison County? 

Our guests are Kathy Simillion, Gunnison County Clerk and Recorder, and Diane Folowell, Director of Elections. In this interview. talk about mail-ballots, voter safety and security, and holding an election during a pandemic. They also talk about polling places, and what to do if you lose your ballot or make a mistake. Everything you need to know about making your vote counted in 2020!

Listen to the whole interview here, or find selections below.

What goes into counting your vote?

Diane Folowell walks us through the steps taken to provide security and secrecy to voters.

What’s a VSPC?

Kathy Simillion tells us they used to be called precincts. It stands for Voter Service and Polling Center.

What happens if I lose or make a mistake on my ballot?

It happens. But don’t worry, Diane Folowell can help.

I want to vote in person. Will it be safe?

Diane Folowell talks COVID19 and voting.

What’s up with voter fraud? Should we be worried? What have you seen?

Diane Folowell says voter fraud is rare, if not non-existent in Gunnison County, especially since the implementation of mail-ballots.

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