Office (m-f 10a-4p): 970-349-5225 | DJ: 970-349-7444

The KBUTeens Radio Show

The KBUTeens Radio club is a collaborative program with the Crested Butte Community School Enrichment Program that launched during the summer of 2020. The KBUTeens Club meets every Wednesday after school.  They started out by learning how to produce and air pre-recorded weather reports. The KBUTeens are learning about the ways KBUT connects to the community as a vital resource of information and entertainment. 

They have worked their way to becoming official KBUT DJs, pre-recording their shows during the after school sessions. 

You can hear the KBUTeens Radio show every Saturday at Noon!  If you miss the show, they are posted here!  Enjoy! 

Please consider becoming a member and supporting KBUT Programs!  Thank you!

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