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Board of Directors

General Information:

The Board of Directors of Crested Butte Mountain Educational Radio, Inc (dba KBUT) consists of nine volunteer members elected to serve three-year terms. New board members are elected by sitting members at the annual board meeting.

The board’s duties include hiring and evaluating the executive director, developing and implementing a long-range strategic plan outlining the goals and objectives of the station, fundraising and fiscal accountability.

Board meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of alternating months, starting with January. Dates are subject to change. Special board meetings may be called on occasion. KBUT meetings are open to the public. Board minutes are ratified at the following meeting and are available at the link below.

For more information and meeting agendas contact the KBUT Executive Director at 970-349-5225 or by email.

2024 Board Members:

Dave Colucci, President

TJ McIntyre, Treasurer

Dan Bostick, Secretary

Chris Coady

Mike Loperfido

Laura Silva

Dylan McKnight

Shane Hewitt

JC Barber


Dan Bostick

I’ve been playing music since I was four years old. An early interest in electronics led me to get my amateur radio license a few years later. In college I studied music business and was a DJ. After moving to Nashville a cinnamon bun that miraculously resembled Mother Teresa was responsible for launching my career in the music industry. I played in local bands there for many years, sometimes performing for dozens of people. The police were once summoned by me playing Theremin so loudly that I set off all the car alarms in the parking lot. Combining my love of music and technology turned into a career in the A/V industry. I design and sell professional audio, video, and lighting systems. Hobbies include collecting vinyl records and restoring vintage keyboards. I currently live in CB South with with my wife, Rachel, and teenage son, Max. We love music, mountains, and all things outdoors. 

Laura Silva

I arrived in Crested Butte in 1997 and KBUT was on every single radio, in every business, throughout the Gunnison valley. It had such a profound impact on me that I knew I needed to become a KBUT volunteer DJ. My first show, Lunch Lady Laura’s Late Night Snack Show, Thursdays from 8 to 10 PM, started in August of 1999. Many years of volunteering at that slot I changed over to the Thursday 2 to 4 PM slot and still currently DJ bi-weekly with my same show.  In past years I was KBUT’s events Coordinator and have also been the main DJ and coordinator for KBUT’s Disco Inferno since the year 2000. In addition to my relations and commitment to KBUT, I am also involved intricately in the Crested Butte and Gunnison communities with additional ties in business. I am the current Secret Stash restaurant manager and in arts and entertainment as the owner of High Mountain DJ’s. I have worked, DJ’d, collaborated, and coordinated with a large part of every nonprofit in the Gunnison Valley for over 20 years. I also helped to create and coordinate the one and only three day Jazz fest in Crested Butte. I have worked in the service/restaurant industry for the last 26 years and have been part of many other organizations and businesses such as the Crested Butte Academy Lunch Lady,  Crested Butte News/Weekly newspaper sales rep, advertising sales for the Mountain Express bus ads and multiple local maps, Acli-Mate mountain sports drink- senior sales representative, several years of highway construction with Gunnison Traffic Control, volunteer soccer coach for the West Elk Soccer Association, and parent volunteer and coordinator with West Elk Hockey Association. I am the Mother to two amazing, beautiful, human beings, my son Jordan Hendrix and my daughter Gabriella Violet, and have been together and married to my husband Junior for over 20 years. I am proud and honored to be a part of KBUT and the Gunnison Valley and look forward to serving the KBUT board

Chris Coady

I moved to Gunnison from the Phoenix area in 1995 where I was in the culinary arts working as a Pastry Chef. Since that time, I have worked as a chef (Soupcon), a baker (Crested Butte Bakery Café), a restaurateur/owner (Gunnison Valley Bakery), a sales manager for broad-line food service distributors (U.S. Foods, Shamrock), and I am currently a ski instructor in the winter, and a whitewater raft guide in the summer. I am also a performing Americana Folk-Rock singer-songwriter and recording artist. I have been in local bands and have released several studio-produced albums of original songs. I am married to the love of my life, Briony, and together we have an amazing son, Asher, who was born and raised in Gunnison/Crested Butte and now lives in Rotterdam NL where he works as an Artist and Designer. I have been a KBUT DJ since 2008 (Song in the Walls) and I am super stoked to serve on the Board of Directors!

TJ McIntyre

From high atop CB South since 2000, TJ has enjoyed witnessing the sounds of KBUT soothing the Gunnison River Valley’s soul… Dead Head Ed’s tireless dedication to his favorite band, in particular. His career has been spent growing many of the great Colorado natural foods companies, and as CEO of BOBO’S he has best been able to fulfill a lifelong dream of bringing healthy food to the masses. TJ’s key thrills in the Elk Mountains include floating and fishing the East–>Gunnison, long hikes with his dog Teo and wife Molly, and pestering kids Rowan,Shea and Cassidy to nordic ski with him and not make fun of the sport.

Mike Loperfido

I’m Mike Loperfido, aka MikeyLep. I’ve been a volunteer dj since 2018, mostly every other Saturday night from 6-8. I also love filling in for other djs and trying to match their style with a Lepside twist. I’ve been an avid Kbut listener since I moved here with my family in 2011. Since moving here, I’ve been building landscapes and relocating snow all over this beautiful valley all the while listening to Kbut. I literally know what day and time it is based upon what show is playing. Kbut is one of the best community radio stations in America and I am proud to be a part of it. Slow down and listen!
Peace and love

Shane Hewitt

My friends call me ShaneO, and I was born and raised in the Gunnison valley, and still reside here. I fell in love with radio at an early age, and have played music most of my life, be it guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, etc. I was the weirdo who would record the radio on cassettes so I didn’t miss any good songs. I still have those cassettes, and listen to them once in awhile. I’ve been working with wood floors since I was about 15, and am currently at Renick Woodfloors. I was the lighting director for the Ibar Ranch for about a year, which was an awesome experience. 

I joined the worlds greatest radio station, KBUT, in 2022, and was a fill in DJ for a year before I got my very own show, RockHard Radio, every Wednesday from 10-noon. KBUT changed my life in so many ways, and I’m proud to be on the board of directors. I love being surrounded by other music nerds like me, something I only really experienced while in a band, and that completely sold me on the place. 

If there’s anything more beautiful than this valley, it’s the people that reside in it, and I’m proud to dedicate my time to the wonderful community service that is KBUT. Stay weird Gunnison valley!!! 

JC Barber

A New Hampshire native, I feel fortunate to have found, and moved to, Crested Butte for the first time in October of 1986, 3 months before KBUT first hit the air. After being canvassed passionately a few times times by Jim Michael, our de facto house DJ at the time, I decided to help relieve him of some of his extraordinary load of airtime. Being an agreeable sort, I got further coerced into doing 3 early morning shows a week for much of the first couple of winters I was on the air. A public radio baptism served by walking to that frigid bus barn at 5:30 am 3 days a week as a young adult. 9 years and a few hundred radio shows later, life led me to Alaska in the spring of 1995, where I continued as a volunteer DJ at KUAC in Fairbanks for several years.

27 years later, I have been able to return to my CB roots to raise my daughter here in the community where I expect to spend the rest of my life. Music has often defined me, becoming the basis of my career for the last 24 years, firmly embedded with a crew of former CB locals, and roommates, who found success as touring musicians. Shout out to 17 Elk Ave and the Forest Queen, our origin story.

I started in the non profit arena at an early age as a canvasser with the PIRGS and Greenpeace in New England and then CO. I caught back up with this and the Denali Foundation, now the Denali Education Center, during my decade plus up north. I am excited to be back in that field with KBUT, an entity that has meant so much to me for so many years.

I am grateful to be back “home”, the upper end of the East River Valley, where you’ll likely find me outdoors, on skis, a bike or boots exploring what I consider to be the most wonderful wilderness area in the world. Go KBUT!


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